Thursday, February 28, 2008

I guess I am not too good at this updating thing! Life has been full in this season of our lives but its been wonderful too! We moved into our apartment and my Mom came to visit us once we moved in and that was so fun not to mention such a huge help!! She helped me find curtians, hang stuff on the walls and figure out where to put stuff. It was fun having my Mom all to myself!! Which is something new for me! The day she left Priscilla came in and was here for a week. Priscilla came to visit on her way home from a month in Tiawan so she was worn out when she got here but got to rest up here and we ended up having a wonderful time together. I did not realize how much I missed her and Mom until I saw them. Now I am on the countdown to the end of March when I get to go home for a visit!! I cannot wait!! I am going to spend over a week with my dear family and hopefully be there when my new niece or nephew is born and then also be there for my dear friend Rachel's wedding. I am so looking forward to it!

Priscilla was here on my birthday so we had a fun little birthday celebration together. It was a treasure to have her here for that!! I am still on
the job search and have a couple irons in the fire right now. Jeremy started a new temporary job today which is a great answer to prayer for this season! God has tought us so much and stretched us beyond our comfort zones. He has provided our every need and we are loving married life! I love waiting everyday for him to come home and waking up every morning with him laying next to me. Jeremy has been all I dreamed of and so much more! I am still getting used to the snow, and am very ready for the sun and some warm weather!! Maybe by July the snow will all have melted and it will get warm! ;-)

Here is a picture of our living room/dining room in our new little house!

I also had my first valenties day as a married woman!! And he treated me like a princess all day!! It was a wonderful day!