Friday, December 19, 2008

Its a.....

I figured the blogging world deserves to hear the big news around here!


Against all odds we are having a baby girl next spring! I think since boys are dominate on both sides we just expected a boy. We could not be happier! Time to go shopping for pink!! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

I absolutely love this time of year! I love the crowds, the cheer and how everyone seems just a little happier then normal. And this year is no different for me. We are all cozy and getting settled in out apartment and got a small Christmas tree today! I know some people say a tree the week before Christmas is silly but, its better then nothing! I feel so blessed this Christmas! I have a baby in my tummy that I feel move often and have seen God's faithfulness more in the last year then any other year in my life. I do miss the snow in the north though, it helped the Christmas spirit! I don't miss driving in it and scraping it off my car though!

So maybe I am just a hormonal pregnant lady, but I am overwhelmed with a feeling of just how happy I am in this season! I cried the other night watching Christmas with the Kranks...if you have ever seen that movie you know its not normally one I think you would cry in! But it had some sweet parts that made me tear up! Oh well right! At least now I have a belly to show for all this and don't just look chubby anymore! I will post some pictures soon I promise.

Merry Christmas to all! I pray that this season we all take a step back from the rush of the season and realize just how blessed we are. We are truly blessed people! I have a saviour who came to the earth in the form of man and sacrificed so much so that I could have life!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update From The South Now!

So in case any of you are still wondering...we made it to TX! It was a long long journey but by God's grace we made it in 2 days despite the snow we ran into. It was a huge help having my Dad and brother help with the process and made the trip way more fun for us all. We arrived at my parents house wiped out spent a couple days just recovering from the trip. Its amazing how sitting that long and doing nothing can wipe you out!

Since we arrived in the great state we have been staying with my parents but we move into our apt. this Friday! YAY! I am looking forward to getting settled and make home for us here in Texas. Although it has been a wonderful break staying with my parents! I have felt pampered and enjoyed the extra time with the kids and Mom. I haven't started working here yet so I have had lots of time to play with them!

Jeremy started his job here last week, and it is going great! Its always a little tough I know starting a new job but he has jumped in and in like a pro at it now. He is loving getting dressed up in the morning for work! If any of you know him you know he loves dressing up and his background is construction so.... =)

We are grateful for God's provision to us. He has made a way where there seemed to be no way and has carried us when we didn't think we could go on. We miss our NY family and look forward to our next visit up North.

Oh yeah we find out next Friday if this little one is a boy or girl and we both can't wait!! Make sure you vote so we can see who was right!