Friday, March 27, 2009

Say A Prayer....

I want to ask all my blogging friends to say a prayer for a dear friend and her new little family, Stephanie had a gorgeous baby boy 3 weeks ago at home and I had the honor of assisting at the birth. He had come down with a cold and now a cough that led to breathing difficulties. He has been admitted to the hospital by ambulance after a scare of not breathing. He has been diagnosed with whooping cough and needs a miracle. Please pray for Spephanie, her husband and baby Hudson that God would meet them in the midst of this time and comfort there hearts and souls.

Thanks for your prayers!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

6 Weeks

Don't pass out cause I am posting again so quickly! I guess I have lots of things to post about these days as life is quickly changing. Today I am 6 weeks from my due date, amazing just 6 short weeks till Ava could come. As I was thinking about that today I had the thought that I was 6 weeks along when we told people I was pregnant. To think of all that has changed in that short amount of time. Looking ahead it seemed like sooo long to go! And now looking back I wonder where the time has gone! Well I kinda know, I packed an apartment moved to TX, unpacked an apartment, set house up here and started to prepare for our little girl! So I guess I do kinda know what this last season has held but it still seems to have gone faster then I expected.

So we are 6 weeks from the date she could come! Of course give or take a couple weeks. I had a baby shower Sunday and it was lovely! Got all the great necessities and some fun things! Monday I kicked into nesting phase and poor Jeremy worked very hard and we got the entire nursery cleaned out, the crib set-up and all the stuff from the shower found a home. So now we ready for her to come..or more ready should I say!

Here are a couple pictures from the shower...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Birth

As most of you know, I went to school to be a midwife and am in the process of completing my paperwork to take my licensing exam this summer. I apprenticed with an amazing midwife for 2 1/2 years and learned so much! I LOVE home birth, I just love birth in general and always left a birth feeling like I had the best job in the world. I mean really how many people get to see a miracle happen at work?!?

Naturally I always thought that when I got pregnant I would have my babies at home, it never really crossed my mind to do anything else. I have never been in the hospital and unless I needed emergency care never want to. I have nothing against Doctors, just don't feel there is a need for one in a NORMAL birth. Because believe me I have done some not so normal birth and they left me very grateful for Doctor's and there skills! So back to my birthing dream...once I got married and moved to NY and realized that home birth was a slim chance there due to the laws being different and hearing that my husband was not totally comfortable with it I settled into the idea that I would have a hospital birth with a midwife. Now, once I got pregnant it all hit me a little harder when I started realizing I could not have my dream. Then we moved to TX and I decided to use a local Dr who is an amazing Christian man and Jeremy and I were both very happy and at peace with our decision. Last week Jeremy started asking me about home birth options and I could tell he was just feeling things out. I tried to contain my excitement and again gave my desire over to God. Well after lots of conversation and talking things out we decided to have a home birth! Now I know this is all not for sure, but I am confident that God 's plan will prevail whatever that may be and we both feel that is to be at home. At 7 1/2 months we are changing gears and both thrilled with the change!

I am elated! I have experienced again God giving me the desires of my heart. I had stopped even praying for God to change Jeremy's mind, I was really that at peace with things. I also had to struggle with what others might say, knowing I am a midwifery education and having a hospital birth and then also now struggling with peoples comments when they find out I am having a home birth. But it is so clear to me that this is God's plan and that He set all this into place because it had nothing to do with me! So now to order our birth kit, buy the needed supplies and wait for the appointed day she will arrive! If you think of it you could pray for me, that I would not battle fear of what could happen. I struggled with that even when we were planning to have a hospital birth. I know God is in control and I want to be able to rest fully in that! Ok, this green momma is off to order my cloth diapers! Wish me luck! =)