Monday, December 20, 2010

What Christmas means to me

Merry Christmas friends! I hope this Monday before Christmas finds you all wrapped up in Holiday cheer and anticipation of the fun ahead. I've thought lots about Christmas this year because we are in a season of life that everything is being redefined in our lives. I've never had a toddler before and been pregnant! Christmas has had such a different meaning for me this year, it hasn't been about all the festivities (which is SO hard for me because I LOVE those!), about having the perfect tree or about making sure we get in every Christmas memory/tradition that I would like. I have laid down what I wanted this Christmas and really just soaked in the real meaning of Christmas. Sounds a little cliche I know, but I really do think this year my heart is more overflowing with gratefulness and awe of why we celebrate. I know there will be a stage in our life where those traditions and festivities will be easier and I look forward to that but I really have prayed that I wouldn't just endure this holiday season with a little one but I would embrace it for what it is. We heard a wonderful sermon from our pastor yesterday and it really go time thinking about how amazing what happened so many years ago on what we call Christmas morning. I've never pondered in my heart how ordinary Mary and Joseph were and how ordinary the situation was. I've never pondered being VERY pregnant (which I am getting very close to being able to relate with) and traveling by donkey so far away to pay taxes. There is more in the Christmas story that has stood out to me then ever before.

Coming up on Christmas day my heart is so tender to what this season really means to me. Now that I have a child I can't imagine sending a perfect son to be a human and live as a man to save mankind. I can't imagine being Mary and being so misunderstood yet having such an amazing privilege of carrying the saviour of the world. I know we often talk about "the greatest gift" but I wonder how often we actually stop and ponder how amazing that great gift is. It makes me want to complain much less, it makes me want to value the season with a young child and the opportunity I have to help shape and mold her heart.

Don't get me wrong we did plenty of shopping this year, we have attended some super fun Christmas parties and I can't wait to exchange gifts and celebrate with those I love most this week but this year it has been so much more in my heart. I counted up and we have bought over 30 people Christmas gifts! That is just our immediate family and Grandparents! So, when I say we have done plenty of shopping I'm not kidding!

Take a moment and ponder this season in your heart. Slow down a little and let's really remember why we are celebrating and what is the most important thing about this season. I hope you each have a wonderful Christmas with those you hold dear!