Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am in Texas!! I could not blog about this sooner because I flew in last night and surprised a good portion of my family including my sister Priscilla who turned 20 yesterday! That was the plan was to pull off a surprise to her and it worked!! It was soooo good to see everyone and to meet my new little nephew who is ADORABLE!! I might be partial but he is close to perfect! =) I will post some pictures later. My little brothers were also surprised which was so fun! I am hanging out with the 2 little guys at home today! It is so different being "home" yet away from my "home"...its for sure a new experience. My family has been so welcoming and treating me like I am a guest or something! I even got my old room back! =) 

Oh and not to rub it in to all you people up north...but its supposed to be 80 degrees today!!! YAY!!!! Its nice not having to wear a coat and be able to wear some of my spring clothes! Well I am off to enjoy the day with the little men!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Morning! Happy Monday friends! It seems this Monday has come way too fast. It was one of those weekends that did not feel like a weekend cause it was so packed full. I shot a wedding on Saturday which I was nervous about doing since I have never shot a wedding on my own beforre. Thanks to some friends advice and borrowed equipment I was able to pull it off and am actually happy wtih the shots I got.

Easter Sunday was a very fun day! It wasn't snowy here which I was extremly happy about but it was cold still! It was fun to pull out some spring clothes and pretend it is spring weather outside. We spent the afternoon at the Tallo's house and had a great time of fun and fellowship and some amazing food!
Jeremy was sick last week withe the flu and then it turned into a cold. We went to this nutritionalist and he has been put on a very strict eating plan to help build up his immune system because he has been sick so much lately. It is been different trying to plan meals around meat and veggies and some other items. But no wheat or dairy. We eat healthy anyway but this is way more strict then we have eaten before. It will be an adventure and I am trying to right a shopping list now cause I have to shop today. This will be fun! Time to get creative!

Here are some shots from the wedding on Saturday -

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good Morning! I have been so inspired lately to get more organized, now you have to understand that I think I am a fairly organized person but there are always new things I am reading about and wanting to try! Where is the balance from things being livable and organized to there being an excessive system to everything? That is the journey I am on right now! Also there is just my husband and i so there is a small amount of stuff to keep organized but at the same time I want to start the habits and systems so that once we have kids life will not be totally turned upside down but we will already be in the habit of those things. I am trying to find fun ideas on a small budget or just using the things we have around our house. Its been a fun task and I still have lots more to learn though and things to improve. If I had it my way I would have a bin/file for everything but I want to also remember this is our house and try and not make it an office! =)

So I think I have become addicted to a show I got at the library, Dharma and Greg. Now if you have not seen it let me explain. I did not grow up watching TV and still watch very little and I am not a big movie person but I got this series at the library because it sounded fun. And it is! It is about a girl (Dharma) and her husband (Greg) who get married the day they met and then learn life together. She is a natural, hippie, flower child and he is a lawyer. I think maybe I like it cause I can identify with her some. I have been accused of being a little bit of a flower child before! It is just so funny to watch and is wholesome which is also something different for TV shows. Not to mention that it is great to watch it with no commercials! Yes I know you are probably thinking that I need to get a life and I don't totally disagree with you but until that happens I am enjoying myself!

I have several applications out for work and am praying something gets set in stone before I got home the end of this month for a visit. So talking about not having a life I need to get some things done around the house this morning.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Henry Chapman!!!!
Baby Henry was born at 6:30pm tonight and Mom and baby are doing wonderful!!! It is killing me to not be able to see them but pictures will have to do for a couple more weeks. Here are some pictures I was sent. He is 7 pounds 6 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. Praise the Lord!!!!

BABY TIME!!!! So it sounds like I am going to be an Auntie in the next 12 hours! My dear sister-in-law Justin is in labor and should have her baby soon. She was planning a natural home birth with Ann the midwife I trained with in school but has Toxemia (high blood pressure complication) so she had to go into the hospital and be induced. She is not progressing well so they are going to decide soon what needs to happen based on how her blood pressure is. Please be praying that her body responds well to all this and that the new little Chapman baby (we don't know if its a boy or girl!) will come soon. Thanks a ton and I will post when I know more.