Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Morning! Happy Monday friends! It seems this Monday has come way too fast. It was one of those weekends that did not feel like a weekend cause it was so packed full. I shot a wedding on Saturday which I was nervous about doing since I have never shot a wedding on my own beforre. Thanks to some friends advice and borrowed equipment I was able to pull it off and am actually happy wtih the shots I got.

Easter Sunday was a very fun day! It wasn't snowy here which I was extremly happy about but it was cold still! It was fun to pull out some spring clothes and pretend it is spring weather outside. We spent the afternoon at the Tallo's house and had a great time of fun and fellowship and some amazing food!
Jeremy was sick last week withe the flu and then it turned into a cold. We went to this nutritionalist and he has been put on a very strict eating plan to help build up his immune system because he has been sick so much lately. It is been different trying to plan meals around meat and veggies and some other items. But no wheat or dairy. We eat healthy anyway but this is way more strict then we have eaten before. It will be an adventure and I am trying to right a shopping list now cause I have to shop today. This will be fun! Time to get creative!

Here are some shots from the wedding on Saturday -


  1. hey! You were the photographer for Seth's wedding? wow... I used to babysit him! Small world. I found you through carole's blog, and there's a picture of Seth all grown up and in a tux. Let me know if you post more photos! His mom and mine are very close friends, so I had heard he was getting married through the "grapevine". How do you know Carole?

  2. Hi Hannah! I just found your blog through Elizabeth's blog. It was good to read a bit about your life. You look very happy... and beautiful! And I love the wedding pictures that you took. Take care... stop by my blog sometime. Amy P.