Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall is here!

September is here! Fall seems to be upon us in many ways and I love it! Fall comes much earlier here in NY then in TX and I don't mind that at all because fall is by far my favorite time of year! I love the colors, the foods, the leaves blowing, working outside and all the fresh produce everywhere! It seems to me to be refreshing season or relaxation and rest in so many ways. I think back to last fall and I was planning my wedding! I got to have my wedding in the Fall which was a dream come true for me. Its hard to believe it was a year ago yet it seems like such a distance memory now! How life has changed from the fall of 2007 to the fall of 2008. I have a new name live in a new state and am now expecting a child! =) Alot more changes then I expected in 1 year yet I could not be happier! I am 6 weeks pregnant and due May 1st! Some other change that is fall is bringing us is another move. We are moving to Texas. Of course I am thrilled to be moving back "home" and to be by my family and friends and even more so now that we have a baby coming! Its bittersweet though, I love NY and my family here! I am going to miss the people and so much about this place. We will visit often I am sure!

My days seem so full right now yet I know this is the slowest life is going to be for a while! Once we do a cross country move then prepare for a baby then have a baby well I know that life will never slow down too much! I am looking forward to that though, a purpose to being busy. A reason to be tired and get less sleep at night. I would take that any day over just being sleepy cause I watched a movie till too late!

Happy fall everyone! Hope this season is refreshing for you as it seems to be for me!