Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bits and pieces of my life.

:: Tomorrow Jeremy and I are starting a purification/cleanse eating routine. I am so pumped to take 3 weeks to give my body the fuel it needs to clean itself up. Our bodies are amazing aren't they? Given the correct food they are capable of so much! We are doing a 21 day cleanse. So many people have asked me about cleansing while nursing because it is thought to not be good. But as my dear friend and chiropractor/midwife put it "people would have no concern in I drank coke or went to McDonald's". This cleanse is totally safe to do while nursing as it is mostly a drastic diet change along with some shakes and supplements. Here is Dr. Cindy's blog who is listing in details the cleanse as she does it if you are interested in learning more.

:: My baby girl is growing and changing so much! What a fun age! We no longer can lay her on the bed cause she will roll all around it and no she hasn't rolled off yet but we hope to avoid that! She can get to anything she really wants by rolling to it! She is such a social baby and loves interaction with people.

:: We have found a schedule that works great for us! She is very flexible with it though which works great for us. She is sleeping great at night, usually up 2 -3 times to eat but is back to sleep in 15 minutes. I am starting to feel a bit more rested these days which is nice!

::Fall has started to show its face and I am loving it! I do miss NY fall though, the changing leaves and cool breeze was amazing! We can now take walks and not fear of a heat stroke!

::I am taking my midwifery licensing exam in February and feel great about the timing, I was planning to do it in Oct this year but just don't feel prepared enough and am in no rush just want to get it done.

That's all for now, the little one is down so I must use this time wisely and I think a shower would be a good call! =)