Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mom Has a Blog!

I am happy to announce that my Mom has launched her blog! This is something she has wanted to do for a while but wanted to do it right if she was going to do it. And she did! It looks great and I am excited to read as she posts and you should to! She will be posting encouraging topics for Mom's about life and all that this journey has brought her. Mom is my hero and I hope to one day be a Mom like her. She is so organized and runs a tight ship around the house, she home schools all the school age kids and is a wonderful Grandma to her 2 grandkids. I hope you keep up with her blog as I know it will encourage you no matter where you are in your journey.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cleanse Day 17

We are on day 17 of a 21 day cleanse and to be totally honest it doesn't feel like we are on a cleanse anymore because we have gotten used to the diet we have adhering to. The diet that goes with it is all the vegetables and fruit you want, a small portion of brown rice and/or lentils each day and day 11 we added lean protein such as chicken, fish and eggs. I kept the protein in my diet from the beginning because of nursing. We have loved our new way of eating and hope to stay with it once we are officially done. I am no longer craving sweets and haven't really had anything that sounds good that I can't have in the last week or so. Its so nice to get that sweet tooth away and actually enjoy eating the things my body needs. Jeremy has lost 14 pounds and I have lost 9, we can both tell in our clothes that they fit so much better in many places. We haven't had stomach aches, heart burn, indigestion or any other affects from food. We both have energy and have slept great feeling more rested then before. I am again amazed that giving your body what it needs allows it to function at such a higher level and eliminating the things that your body wasn't designed to have takes away those issues so many of us deal with.

It has forced us to be creative with our meals since we aren't eating much meat or beans and both seemed to be staples. So now our main dishes are vegetables cooked all different ways! My friend and her husband who are great friends and both chiropractors have been doing it also and she has blogged some great recipes. My favorites that we have done have been a roasted chicken with vegetables and a lentil soup over brown rice. I have been inspired by a new favorite website, the nourishing gourmet and encourage you to check out her recipes. I have gained a new passion for feeding our bodies fuel for life rather then just eating for the pleasure of the moment. I have always had a passion for health but that has reached a new level while on this cleanse. I plan to continue the eating plan strictly for another couple weeks and then adapt a version of it for every day life. Of course making exceptions here and there to enjoy that pleasure of the moment! =)

I have to brag on my dear husband who has been a trooper on this and done great! Before meeting me Adkins is how he would have lost weight and now her has learned that he can survive 10 days with no meat! He has also been encouraged by the results and though this was in no way his idea he hasn't complained much and has eaten every vegetable I have put in front of him! What a man!!

I plan to post some recipes on here as I try some new ones and hope to inspire each of you on this journey of life!