Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Change seems to be the hot subject these days! Everything around me and everyone seems to be adjusting or preparing to adjust to a new situation, a move, a baby, a loss. The things that are near and dear to me are changing and some are wonderful yet I am nervous about what it will look like. My sister Priscilla leaves on Friday for Taiwan for 1 year to teach English! I could not be more excited for her and thrilled for the adventure she has ahead yet massive open spot she will leave in my family. I don't even see her but a couple times a year and talk to her on the phone maybe once a week yet i still am going to miss her. But like I said its all good change! I am so proud of her for pursuing her dreams and following where God leads. I know she will truly have the time of her life!

A dear family friend back in TX passed away yesterday, she had battled an illness for several years. She was around my parents age and had kids my age. I rarely wonder "why" God and her death in one of those times that makes me wonder "why God". She was a dear lady, a Godly mother and wife and even though I did not know her well she will be missed.

Jeremy and I are continuing to walk this road God has us on and again it is looking different then we thought it would. We are all up for an adventure though! God has made Himself known to us in new ways and we stand amazed at His faithfulness. It will be a year next week that he asked me to be his wife. A day that changed both of our lives forever. And what an amazing year or preparing to be his wife, then becoming his bride. God has been so faithful. Not to say that this transition has been without some rough spots. We each have times where we hit rock bottom and wonder how this situation is ever going to change. But thankfully we serve a God who regardless of our weakness still is faithful. And he has constantly been pushing us forward sometimes with our feet dragging in resistance and sometimes with us running ahead. We could use your prayers as we make this transition and settle into what God has called us to do and where God has called us to be. Cause that is the only place we want to be.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Life has been full and I am grateful today for just how blessed I am! Here is a little picture overview of the last couple months of life for me....
I was in TX for week to catch up with friends and family. It was a great week! My Daddy and my adorable little nephew!

While I was home I got to spend some time with these dear friends!

My Daddy and I!

Priscilla and I..a day at the lake. She is getting ready to leave for Tiawan for 1 year to teach english. I am so excited for her but she is going to be greatly missed!

Watching Fireworks! And it was the first time in my life...I have ever been cold while watching fireworks!

Mr. and Mrs. Heuseveltd!!!! Our dear friends and neighbors now got married!! Erik and Jeremy have been friends there entire lives and it was a wonderful day!!