Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holy smokes! Firefighters deliver 3 Rochester-area babies in cars
This acrticle was in the D&C today and made me laugh! Maybe more people should try home births and then this wouldn't be a problem! =)


  1. It WAS good to finally meet! I was just thinking (a few minuets ago) how much fun I had the other night at Sarah’s. It was a blast! Thanks for the offer, I will most definitely take you up on that. I felt silly on Thursday when I had a million questions popping around my head that I wanted to ask you about. (I don’t think I asked most of them, hoping to not bombard you.) I feel very blessed to be in a supportive group of all natural kind of people, and I feel even more so now that I can ask you my questions. :)

    Do you have a facebook?

  2. haha, that's awesome! I agree with you :) And I bet one of these days I bet Mark will end up delivering a baby!