Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10 weeks and counting!

I am 10 weeks pregnant and counting down the days will this trimester is over! I am so ready to be at the point where i enjoy being pregnant and don't just feel sick so much. I do have to say though I have been so blessed! I have had constant nausea as a friend and a huge desire to sleep but I know it could be so much worse. I have friends who needed IV and medication to keep anything down, I am grateful! And when I am feeling kinda ugh I remind myself that it will all be so worth it and its a good time to pray for our little one and his or her little developing body. Everyone has been asking about names lately and well, we don't know! I think we are going to wait to we know if its a boy or girl till we really get into it. We have different opinions on names so its been a interesting topic around our house! We came to the point the other night that numbers night not be a bad thing!

We are making progress on our move! We have a date and although you would not be able to tell if you came to our house I am mentally doing some packing and have been sorting through drawers and preparing things for packing. Pacing up a house is an intimidating topic for me! So I will most likely wait until the last possible time that I can! We have had so much favor on this moving process and are both looking forward to what God has ahead. But I can't help when I think about moving thinking about how sweet of a year this has been! I have gotten to know my In-law family and realize how blessed I am! I have made friends that will be friends for life and I have experienced life in new part of the country which has been good for me. I have learned to think for myself in so many ways and to rely on God in totally new ways then I ever had before. Nothing in me has in regret for this season. I have loved it! Yes it has been hard to be away from family and friends but I am stronger from it I know. And my relationship with the man God gave me to love has become so strong in this year of marriage. I am really going to miss so much about this season! I have made a home here and moving homes is never easy and I mean more then just stuff. But I have peace that God has gone before us to prepare the way and He is a faithful God who will never leave us or forsake us.

I think that's about all the going ons in the Tallo house these days. I am still working at Starbucks and enjoy it most days. The early mornings have made it harder to enjoy but I know I will get past that point. My hubby is home from work and a little under the weather so I am going to go play nurse and see if he needs anything. Hope you weren't too bored with my ramblings!

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