Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Happenings

This is my first post of 2009! I have been a little quite in the blogging world lately, I just haven't thought of anything exciting enough to be worth blogging about. But here I am blogging anyway on well just life i guess! I am 25 weeks pregnant with our little girl. No she doesn't have a name yet, still working on that. We both decided she will have a name once she is born and how much sooner then that at this point I am not sure! I never thought I would be that person, I thought I would have a name from the beginning but not so much!

I am loving being back in TX, miss my NY family and friends of course but gotta admit I am a TX girl at heart. I am in the groove at Starbucks here and enjoying it, although my feet say otherwise after an 8 hour shift but oh well I try and ignore them! I am all settled in except hanging stuff cause we are going to paint this weekend then I will do that. I am slowely collecting the stuff for our nursery. Which of course I am having a blast with! Can't believe its coming so soon yet I feel like I have so much longer left! She is very active these days and has good awake periods during the day that I can watch my belly move. I am hoping that is a sign of her sleep patterns once she is born. Awake in the day and sleep in the night...don't worry I am not fooling myself into thinking that will happen but I can dream right!?!?!

Here is my ever growing pregnant self, I am feeling rather large these days and not sure how her being around 1.5 pounds has made me this big! =)


  1. Good to hear how things are! You look beautiful!

    Keep those feet up! : )

  2. Hi, I'm here again... to Tag you. : ) So uh, you're tagged now.