Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Monday!

Ava’s world has forever changed! She has discovered food and crawling! Once she caught onto the crawling thing there was no stopping her. She loves it! I had slowly started giving her some food, our theory on baby food is that our food is what our babies will eat. Who wants to eat that bottled stuff anyway? Not me! It also keeps me eating fresh good meals if I have to share with her! I had been feeding her an egg yolk that was soft boiled and she loves it! Other then that she doesn’t really want anything to do with anything that has to be spoon fed to her. She wants to hold it and eat it by herself, I have had to take chunks of banana’s and many vegetables out of her mouth after she bit off more then she could handle. She has 2 teeth and thinks she can handle much more then she can!

What better place to eat avocados then in a sink bath? :-)

This process of feeding her has been a learning journey for me. It was so God because when I was trying to decide what to do and when to start a blog I often read posted on that exact subject! So ask and you shall receive right!

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  1. So cute! One of my Emma's favorite baby foods was mashed avocado. So good for their growing brains!

    Ava is beautiful! Love her big eyes!