Saturday, December 12, 2009

We wanta wish you a merry Christmas....

Here is a snapshot of our life the last couple weeks. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving started out by us running (well Ava rode) a 5k, my first one! I was happy to finish but will NOT report my time! Ava is gaining a love for food. She isn't real interested in and would prefer bits of our food over anything that resembles baby food or is fed to her with a spoon. She is crawling all over the place and attempts to stand. She turned 7 months old last week and is my little buddy! We have a blast together during the day and I LOVE the excitement she shows when her Daddy comes home. She is a true joy to us both and we cannot imagine our life without her!

Merry Christmas! Take some time to enjoy those around you and give a little extra love to your family. It's a season to celebrate the gifts God has given us and what greater gift then families to love!
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