Thursday, March 18, 2010

Balancing Act

Balance seems to be the word for this season of life for me. Balance in so many areas of life! My child is to the age that I am ready to venture into some more hobbies and possibly money making adventures. I am working to get my Doula certification and get that business off the ground. I had taken photography courses in the past and still have a love for it. I would like to one day purchase equipment and get back into that. I am dying to take on a at home hobby, I purchased fabric to make curtains for Ava's room and am about to begin that adventure! That is if I can borrow my Momma's sewing machine! ;-)

We live in an apartment so housekeeping doesn't take that much of my time, which is the blessing of our small place! I am cooking more these days then I ever have in an effort to make more wholesome and nourishing meals for my family. I would like to expand my knowledge in that area too.

So what does balance have to do with all this? I KNOW that God has called me to support my husband and raise children and I wouldn't trade it for the world! Yet, I know I can do these other things on the side also. How much is the question. I don't ever want to wander from my ultimate purpose and I never want any of these hobbies/professions to do anything but support my ultimate vision. I am a trained midwife but chose not to take my boards for practicing, why? I did not feel that there was grace in this season of my life to do that along with starting our family. Maybe that will change one day but for now I am very content with where we are at.

What has your experience been with taking on hobbies and merging your professions with your family life? I am a newbie to the mommy world and fairly new to the marriage thing too and would love your thoughts.


  1. You can borrow my sewing machine - but you got to check with Victoria, she's using it these days to learn to sew. It's all yours if it's free. :) BTW Great post.
    Love you,

  2. Hannah - I still wrestle with the issues you are talking about!! I've been primarily a stay-at-home mom for 10 1/2 years now and at each shifting point in my life (having another baby, moving, job changes, etc.) I question the same things again. Sometimes, I find that I've overdone the peripherals and that I need to come back to focus on my family more. I would encourage you to keep evaluating your life every 6 months or so by reviewing your activities in light of your vision and purpose. I will say that it is much harder to eliminate something from my schedule than to add something, so be slow & cautious when adding. :) You are an amazing mom already and I know that God will guide & direct how you spend your time if you ask him!