Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celebrating My Daddy!

Today is the day we celebrate the father's in our lives! I love this holiday, I think I love it so much because I have been blessed with such a wonderful Dad and love a day to honor him. My Dad is my hero. I love and appreciate him more today then ever before. He is my Daddy and I am his baby girl, and that will never change. I am a Daddy's girl. I love the relationship I share with my Dad. He would do anything for me and I have never in my life once doubted that. He taught me God's word as a child and instilled in me the principles that I would carry into my adult life. Today I celebrate him, I celebrate the fun times and the hard days but mostly I celebrate how blessed I am to call him my Dad.


  1. Love these pictures! Especially the one on the bottom right corner.
    Love ya!