Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow Storm!

So I guess I got my first taste of living in the North...a snow storm! Yesterday we were forcasted to get a blizzard and we got a ton of snow! Church was cancelled and we went to the Library and got movies and got some food on Saturday so we were set for the weekend! It was gorgeous to watch, from inside that is! =) This morning was an adventure getting my car our of the driveway, well it was an adventure just getting to my car! I had on my snow boots and the snow came past them almost to the knees. And now as I look out the window it is snowing again! Ah, I love it but I can imagine how people here get tired of it. Here are a few pictures of the snow as I made my way to my car this morning.

I am going to thaw out my hands in front of the heater and try and write the rest of my thank you notes from the wedding. Enjoy your Monday!!


  1. Oh I've wondered how you were fairing the snow! It is so beautiful!

  2. Oh, Mexico...I bet there was no snow there. And as much as it's beautiful, I miss the sight of it, but not the feel of it! I'm sure you're relating to me right now!

  3. mrs. tallo :)

    i am so excited for you and am very happy you found the one! keep warm up in all that snow, and send some my way if you dont mind!!!

    merry christmas!