Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We made it to our new home!

We made it to New York! After what turned unto a 3 day journey due to some winter weather we ran into we pulled into our little home in Rochester New York last Thursday. Life has been anything but boring since we have been here! Jeremy owns a home that he has been romodeling and we are going to rent out so he went right back to working there trying to get that done. We are living in a rent house just for the month of December and then we move into our apartement/duplex around new years. We drove past the apartement yesterday and it is super cute and in a wonderful part of town! We have kind of settled as much as we can knowing that we are only going to be here a month so we have only unpacked what we needed.

I love being married and we have had so much fun and made some fun newly married not alot of money memories that I would not trade for the world!

Here are some honeymoon pictures!

Pictures of our Christmas decorations in our rent house!

We got our first Christmas tree together!!

The Tallo Family Christmas picture!

On Saturday his church had a christmas banquet and this is my new husband and I at the dinner!

I am gonna close for now but I promise I will post more pictures soon!


  1. So fun that you have a blog! It's a great way to keep up.

    I was in Little Rock the day of your wedding and Kailey woke me up about 6:30. God immediately put you on my heart and I prayed that your day would be a beautiful and wonderful one. You looked amazing!

    Have a wonderful first Christmas!

  2. I love the pictures!!! Your hair looks fabulous...does Bear like you as a brunette? :-) I would love to talk, so please call anytime!

    Love you and miss you bunches!

  3. Hannah, I'm so excited for you! I made my roommates join me to look at your wedding pictures so I'd have someone to "aw" with! =) Your new hair is adorable and your wedding was as elegant as you are. I'm looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures.

  4. Welcome to the blogging world! Where did you and your hubby go for your honeymoon?

  5. Happy Happy First Christmas and all the wonderful memories that go with! Love ya!

  6. Yeah for Blogging! You guys make a Beautiful couple! I'm so happy for you! Have a Wonderful Christmas together!!!