Friday, October 17, 2008

12 Weeks!

We made it! The first trimester is almost over!! YAY! Not that I want to rush through this pregnancy, I do want to cherish every moment but I want to be able to enjoy it and not dread getting out of bed. I have been feeling better more then worse which I think is a good sign. And I feel more human, not tired when I wake up in the morning anymore. I go to the midwife on Monday and am looking forward to hearing the babies heartbeat (hopefully!) and for some reason that will make it seem so much more real to me. I didn't want an early ultrasound so it will be the first time we have heard our baby. Not that I doubt its doing ok in there it will just do my heart good! Its a good thing I don't have my doppler from school anymore cause I think I would be trying all the time now to hear it...not a good idea!

Something that has been so odd for me is that I went to school to be a midwife and have been at around 75 births have delivered around 50 of those babies into my hands. Yet this is TOTALLY different! This is me..I could give all my pregnant friends advice and not think twice about it but for me I feel like I forget everything I know! I have a dear fellow past midwifery student who now is practicing and I have called her so much with questions that my husband asks "shouldn't you know that" to which I explain I do but I need to ask her anyway. Kinda funny! I remember my sister-in-law telling me there was a point when she would wake up and feel slim and them by the time she went to bed at night she felt so big. I am SO at the phase right now! This morning when I woke up laying on my back I put my hand on my belly and it was totally flat ya know when you can feel your ribs and hip bones...and when I went to bed last night it was not that way! Kinda funny! I pulled out the rubber band trick on one of my jeans the other day because they were so uncomfortable! Pregnancy here we come!!!

There are still times it doesn't feel real yet, but that fades fast when I get a smell of something and start breathing deep and telling my body that I am not going to throw up. It has worked too. I know that's kinda gross for some of you out there but I have been amazed at home much I can control my body and force it into submission at times. Now that has not always worked! Believe me there has been the occasion that I tried that and my stomach still rebelled against me! But thankfully those have been rare. I know I have been blessed!

People have been asking if I have had food cravings and I have said yes I crave food! =) But this week I would have given anything for jello! I know, i know it is loaded with nutrition right?! Well I got some and made it and my Mom told me she craved that and ate it lots when she was pregnant with me! And I think I turned out ok so I think our little one will be ok. I am going to try and make it naturally with fruit juice like my mom told me about so I will let you know how that works out!

My stomach is telling me its 9am and I haven't eaten anything yet....better do something about that! I am thinking a smoothie sounds good today! Yummy!


  1. It's so fun hearing other peoples pregnancy stories--each so unique and exciting. Can hardly wait to see prego pix! Yay!

  2. TAKE A BELLY PIC PLEASE!! I saw your mom this morning- she's so precious and encouraging. I know you have to be so ready to see her. Totally normal to feel like you know nothing when it's you- wish my patients and JB got that more. It is so weird though- wait til you're at the end, it's worse! Let me know the juice jell-o recipe, please, that sounds yummy. Love you!