Friday, October 24, 2008

This and That

:: I am 13 weeks pregnant now and starting to feel oh so much better! I forgot what it was like to have energy and do something cause you feel like it rather then cause you have to. I have gotten back into working out some this week and I know that helps too.

:: We heard our little ones heartbeat for the first time on Monday and it was a wonderful sound!! Makes it all seem so much more real!

:: I got some good boxes today and Jeremy is gone to a guys hunting weekend with his family so my plan is to stay in tomorrow turn on some good music and get to packing. We will see how it goes!

:: My sweet momma called me today and said she bought me 2 maternity shirts at a garage sale that are so cute and a cute skirt too! I think that is so fun! And I think its funny that Mom bought me maternity stuff before I bought anything myself!

:: So many babies seem to making there entrance to the world lately and it makes me sooo look forward to meeting our little one!

:: Fall has come and gone for the most part here in NY and now its winter! Well winter to me, its in the 40's and 50's for the most part and most of the gorgeous leaves have fallen from the trees.

:: We think we found an apartment in TX and plan to confirm everything this weekend with that, thanks to my mom who has been my eyes by looking at places for us.

:: The reality of the goodbyes we have coming are hard, we have so many wonderful relationships and as excited as I am to be moving back "home" its bittersweet to leave so many great friends. I am trying to savor the relationships as much as I can and thank God for them.


  1. Sweet one. I can only imagine the mixed feelings you have right now. Wish I could be there to help you pack up! How fun that your mom is buying outfits for you...I'm just so excited for her to get to be a part of your pregnancy. Much to look forward to. I'll get to visit you when you have your sweet baby! YEAH! Can't wait to see you and start loving that baby of yours now!

    Have a blessed day Hannah!

  2. haha, my mom bought me maternity stuff too. :-P

    So where did you end up finding an apartment? I hope it isn't too far from Dallas because I want to get to know you better! :-D

    BTW, how did you get that "boy or girl" poll thingie on your blog? I want to put one on mine!