Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Thoughts

I have been a little discouraged by the reactions I have seen from Christians to this election. During election times we have the honor and privilege to cast a vote and put in our say to who we would want to hold places in office. But those are over and the choice has been made. America has voted and we have a new president coming into office. Now don’t get me wrong this is NOT who I voted for and no I am not making light of the huge changes this could bring to our nation and many of those go against what I stand for. But, I serve a God who is SO much bigger then a president and has not been stopped by a leader in the past and I know that fact won’t change today. We as Americans and even more so as Christians are commanded in scripture to honor and pray for our leaders, and that does not change when it is someone who we don’t support. Yes there is a time to mourn our loss but then we must move on and support whoever it is that has been chosen to lead our country.

We live in a country that we can worship freely and although we have someone coming into office whose beliefs go against many of my morals it does not change my morals. I can still stand for what I know to be true! No person or law can take away the joy that I have or change the things I value or the morals I have. No human can take away my right to raise a Godly family and fellowship with like minded people. No man can take away the right we have to share truth with the world!

Pray, pray, pray we can always do that! And it saddens me to think that we have to wait till something like this happens to hit our knees for out nation. No matter whom this nation’s leader is they are always in need of prayer and we as Christians are commanded to pray for them. So let’s take this as a wake up call to the church and pray like we never have but don’t let it end once we see “light at the end of the tunnel”.

So let’s move beyond our sadness and buckle in for the adventure ahead. We know our country is going to need God to show His power in a big way and I KNOW he will!

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  1. Hannah- thank you so much for saying what you said!! You have NO idea how much I needed to hear those words. I have been so discouraged by the negative reactions by other Christians to Obama's win.I have heard some of the worst slander from Christians in the past few days and it is so saddening to me.
    Your words were beautiful, spirit filled and show that two Christian people who voted differently can still unite and strive for the best together.
    Thanks for being you and I hope your move goes great!