Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A year of marital bliss!!

Yesterday Jeremy and I celebrated 1 year of being married! We talked about how in ways we can't believe its been a year and then at the same time its hard to remember my life before Jeremy. What a year it has been too! I got married, moved to NY, became pregnant and now moved back to TX all within that first year! To say our first year of marriage has been a year of transition and change for us would be an understatement! I would not trade any of it for the world! I have grown so much and learned so much about life in this year.

I have fallen more in love then I was on our wedding day, which I didn't think was possible! My heart skips a beat when he walks into the room and my favorite time of the day is when he comes home! I find myself looking out the window anticipating him coming home at the end of a work day. My favorite thing to do is just be with him! I love being loved by him. He has made this girls wildest dreams come true! And now I am carrying our child, which for me is a dream come true! He is going to be a daddy and I am going to be a mommy! What could be better in life then that!?!

We had an anniversary to remember...we went and saw our apartment and went to breakfast then he put all our stuff in storage and took our moving truck back. Then I got him all to myself all afternoon and evening! We went to just played, at the mall, target, dinner and some yummy smoothies. It was fun! We are going to get away this weekend which will be nice, my parents have so blessed us by letting us stay with them till our apt is ready and are giving us a night away for our anniversary present! That will be nice!
Here is a little walk down memory lane from our wedding day...

I LOVE the church we got married in, it was all I had dreamed of!

Our wedding party

Cutting the Cake.

And they lived happily ever after!!

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