Thursday, April 30, 2009

40 Weeks...

I made it this far, surely I can make it a couple more days maybe weeks right? Thats what I keep telling myself at least! Although I am afraid I have been an unpleasant person to be around the last couple days and if this baby decides to stay in much longer I am not sure that is going to change much! I am going to make a really grumpy 42 weeks prego if it comes to that! Now is my chance to do what I have told oh so many others...due dates are not an exact date and to just hang in there cause God has just the right day for your little one to arrive. Not that I don't believe that its just much easier said then done! But I think God is letting me have a little test in my patience and see how much I REALLY trust Him. I want to pass that test I really do, its just not getting any easier!

Ok so I will stop complaining and being grumpy. Sorry. I really am doing well, no complaints! I have slept great felt great so besides just being done I am so thankful to have had such an easy great pregnancy! On a lighter more fun note here are some pictures of our baby girls nursery.

Here is the bassinet in our room, her bed for the first couple months.

The crib and the her bedding! =)

Changing table and all the baskets, as you can tell there are still some things that need a home.

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  1. The pictures are lovely! And, hard as it is, try and savor this time. It is really the last time you'll be alone for quite awhile. : )