Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We Made It!

We are 37 weeks tomorrow! YAY! So that being said we have made it to the point that she could be born at home and we are not in any danger of it being too early. Don't worry I am not getting my hope set on her coming early but its just nice to know that if she did we would be ok. I started thinking today, 37 weeks pregnant...37 weeks is a long time! It has been 37 weeks since my entire view of normal has changed! I don't want to say its been 37 weeks since my body has been normal, because nothing about pregnancy is abnormal to a woman's body but if you have been pregnant you know what I mean! I do look forward to the day very soon where I can bend again without something poking my ribs, and sleep on my back without feeling like I am going to loose the small amount of oxygen supply this little one has left for mommy! I can't imagine what it will be like to not feel her move though, that has become so normal to me and to think I won't feel that makes me a little sad. I can't complain though, cause I am feeling great and trying to enjoy every minute I have before she comes and my life is forever changed!

An update on little Hudson that I posted a prayer request about. He is home! They came home yesterday and he is doing much better. Still battling a cough and some hard spells with that but nothing compared to what he was. Thanks for your prayers! I know they so appreciate them!

The only thing I have really noticed that has changed alot in this last month is that I feel as though I could sleep forever! I slept 10 hours last night and am seriously considering taking a nap soon! Some people have told me they had trouble sleeping at this point, not this momma! I have trouble waking up! I have lots of energy once I am up and going but it just seems that this little one is draining!

Ok, off to finish some projects then see about that nap! =)

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  1. oh girl, take advantage of these last weeks (or maybe days)! Get lots of sleep, finish those projects, and go on lots of dates with the husband. Pretty soon, those will all be a distant memory.