Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To my baby girl!

Baby girl,

Your not a baby girl anymore, your 1! We made it! Daddy and I survived our first year of parenthood! You have been on this earth over 365 days! This has been the most incredible year of my life, hard at times but oh so rewarding! When Daddy and I stop and think about our life before you, it seems kinda boring. We can't imagine what we spent our time doing or how we managed without the joy you bring to our lives everyday. We have watched you go from a new baby who slept and ate all the time to a blossoming toddler who talks and walks! You have lots to say and are never at a loss for words, although we don't understand most of the words you say yet. You love other kids and get so excited to play with them. You freely give kisses and hugs. You adore your baby doll and are such a good little mommy to it, you kiss her and hug her then throw her over your shoulder when your done. We still have some things to work on before you become a Mommy I guess!

Teaching you to sleep has been a year long battle and we still have times that you fight it but I think you are learning that Mommy and Daddy always win! You are finally eating more solid foods and love eating what we are eating. You love ice and would be happy all day with a cup of it! You are fearless, nothing seems to scare you! I love that about you! You are so social, talking to everyone at the store and waving to other kids. You wake up talking in the morning go to bed after you snuggle with Mom. Daddy and I love getting you up in the mornings cause you are so snugly, you love to wake us up with kisses and laying in our bed.
You are Daddy's treasure! I love to watch Daddy love you! You have made this couple a family. We love you dearly and cannot imagine everyday without you! We have loved you since the moment we knew you were being formed in my tummy. We haven't done everything right and I'm sure will make many more mistakes but we are doing the best we can. I thank God for allowing me to be your Mommy and trusting us to raise you. Thank you for coming into our world and forever changing us!

Love you baby girl!
*photo credit goes to my amazing sister who is pursuing photography, she does amazing work!*


  1. What a sweet letter and beautiful photos. It flies by, doesn't it?

  2. I LOVE this sweet post to your sweet Ava. You are a wonderful mommy and you are raising such a special girl. The pictures are beautiful too!

  3. Oh, I love it!! Words so true and pics so precious! Hard to believe she's one ....

  4. Hannah - the pics turned out wonderfully! Ava is so precious. I can't wait to get my hands on her soon. I love you sweet friend. You are an amazing mommy to your baby girl.

  5. Love this post, especially the last paragraph. Great photos, too!