Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hard Mommy Days

What's not to love about that baby face? I am more in love with this baby girl then I ever thought possible. This little 13 month old girl has also stretched me in more ways then I ever thought possible! I told my Mom that I didn't know someone this little could challenge me this much! She laughed a sweet chuckle that meant, oh I remember that stage and that kinda made me wonder if my childhood was coming to her mind! ;-) I am number 2 of 11 kids so I don't think there is a stage of motherhood that my Mom hasn't experienced and has some wisdom to offer in. Another sweet Mom whose kids are now grown reminded me "where much is given, much is required". I have to remember that even on those days when I wonder HOW I will survive I have to remember that there are many mom's who have gone before me and survived! Not only survived but did it with class!
I have been convicted that I can only be as good of a Mom as I allow God to use me. In my own strength I cannot make it through the day. I'm SO grateful that I serve a God who gives me new mercies everyday and am surrounded my Mommy's who can encourage and remind me what it's all about!


  1. On a similar note, every time I think about how uncomfortable it is to be pregnant during a Texas summer I remember that my birthday is in AUGUST. Someone has gone before me, endured before me, and made it through . . . and that person is my mom!

    Great post, Hannah. BTW, your hair looks gorgeous.

  2. You both are so lovely! Love in Him, Linda