Tuesday, August 31, 2010

12 Weeks!

Hello last week of my 1st trimester! You couldn't have come soon enough!! I REALLY hope this next trimester lives up to all I have hoped it will!!

We traveled up north to see family for a couple weeks this month and it was a grand vacation! A nice break from the heat and a nice break for this Momma. There were many willing hands to help chase my ever moving toddler and boy was that nice! I got in a couple naps, slept a little later then normal, had wonderful meals I didn't have to cook and enjoyed a nice cool breeze on the porch every morning. Yes it was divine! But, anyone who has a toddler or kids at all for that matter knows that vacation is a relative term when you have said kids in tow. Ava doesn't exactly sleep well away from home and has been like that since she was tiny, I was on the tail end of nursing her and this trip did me in! The weaning process was planned for once we got home and this trip made me more then ready to begin that process. Just being honest people, don't judge!

Ok, so back to being 12+ weeks pregnant, I felt great most of the time we were gone which was wonderful! It all changed the day we traveled home and the days following that. It was horrid. I don't suggest traveling newly pregnant, nausea's and with a toddler. I don't think I have ever been so ready to get off a plan as I was that day! I headed straight for the bathroom to *ahem* discharge anything I had eaten or drank that day. I got a couple funny looks when I came out of the stall! For almost a week after getting home I felt like I had gone backwards and was 7 weeks pregnant again. Just yesterday I have started to feel human again and am hoping this lasts.

Today I actually cleaned the bathroom, went to lunch with a friend, grocery shopped and cleaned out my fridge as I put all the groceries away. Can someone say productive day?! I am counting on waking up one day SOON and feeling a burst of energy and not having to spend the entire day tired from doing nothing. On a more wonderful note, I got to hear bitty babies heartbeat on Friday! It made everything seem less of a bother and reminded my why this whole process is SO worth it!

I hope to post some adorable pictures of my hilarious toddler, but I have to take some first! I need to get on that and once I have a belly to show I will post that too. At this point there is nothing there. I'm enjoying that while it lasts! Happy almost middle of the week friends!


  1. Great update on you guys! hope u continue to feel great!

  2. More power to you for even going to NY! Glad you're feeling better. Can't wait to see who bitty baby is here in a few weeks!

  3. I read and felt every word of your post. May He encourage your soul as you carry this precious, precious little one who will be loved and touched by many. Praying for you, Hannah!

  4. Glad you are finally feeling better! How embarrassing to get sick right after getting off the plane! I understand what you mean about weaning....I'm going to miss nursing, but I've at least gotten Faith down to 2 times a day, which I'm OK with. It is just hard to have someone on you nursing when you are pregnant - very exhausting.