Friday, September 3, 2010

Trimesters and Toddlers!

We made it, I am 14 weeks today which means the 2nd trimester has arrived! I was hoping that the first day of week 13 would be a magic day but it wasn't. I have slowly noticed my nausea becoming less and less though which I am SO happy about. I haven't gotten that burst of 2nd trimester energy yet but I am still holding out. Last night I was at a birthday party for a friend and ate so much food, grass fed steak, a loaded baked potato and kale salad. I looked down at my plate and laughed saying I think my appetite has returned! I devoured the food and when I got home Jeremy commented on my belly having popped. I think it was the dinner more then baby! I am starting to feel pregnant more every day, still wearing my normal clothes but by the evening I am usually popping the button on my jeans to let baby get some air. I don't remember exactly but I think around 20 weeks is when I started pulling out maternity clothes with Ava. I have thought several times this week that I felt baby move and then realize it is just my stomach. I'm ready to start feeling that but didn't feel Ava move until about 17 weeks.

Here is a little sneak peak of my adorable ALL girl toddler! This is a normal look for her when we are going to leave the house. She must wear her shoes and its not uncommon to see her in pajamas with her pink crocs on. She loved necklaces, hats, bracelets and always has to take her bag when we leave the house. She keeps me laughing that is for sure! Poor thing has been sick for the last week but is finally back to her active chatty self.

I was in the process and almost done weaning Ava when she got sick this last week. She ran a fever on and off for a week and was lethargic so I encouraged her to nurse as much as she wanted. So, we are starting back at the beginning I feel with this whole weaning this. I was glad to be able to comfort her when she was sick and as much as I don't think I will miss nursing her I will miss being able to comfort her like that. Her appetite has grown so much since starting to wean her which I was really hoping for because she has never been a big eater. Ava turned 16 months last week and has a list of words she can say now and daily adds to that list. I love this stage and am trying to enjoy every moment I have in the next 5 1/2 months with just her.