Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pregnancy Journal: Week 21

Excuse my absence to the blogging world, I have been working and thinking of a plan of sorts for this blog. I hope to soon have a new blogging home and a more regular posting schedule about life, health, food and raising babies. Stay posted for that!

Week 21 is upon us! Over the half way mark! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by and I know the holidays are coming up and once those pass it will be time to kick into baby gear. We found out this week we are having another GIRL! Hello MORE pink!! We are thrilled but a little surprised. I had totally convinced myself it was a boy, and most people agreed with me. There are so many things different about this pregnancy and I was so sure Ava was a girl that I just knew I would be right this time. But, I was wrong! I'm so glad Ava will have a sister that will be around 23 younger then her. I love that she will have a friend for life and I hope and pray they are best buddies!

I am feeling good for the most part! Finally! I have little to no nausea and am only getting sick a couple times a week now. Sounds like allot but I will take that any day over constant nausea!! I have reached the, there is no doubt I am pregnant and not just gaining weight around my middle phase. I love feeling her move more and more every day and sometimes when she is really excited I can feel her kicking from the outside. Seeing the sonogram I was again amazed at her little face, legs, spine, arms, chambers of the heart and all the other body parts you can see. I have seen many sonograms going through midwifery school but never cease to be amazed at how "fearfully and wonderfully" made we are!

Now that I am feeling better and have more energy most days my goal is to get back into more of an exercise routine, I hate that I loose that the first couple months of pregnancy but just the idea of it tires me out! I has been nice outside so we have walked some and I hope to pick up some workout DVDs at the library. If you have any good pregnancy exercises you did let me know! We are also on the name hunt! I was so convinced it was a boy that I had only looked at boy names, so now we are starting from scratch with girl names. I so wish names just came to you some magic way and we could have some cool story about how we got the name. Who knows maybe it will! :-)


  1. You look gorgeous! And so skinny with just the cutest little bump :) LOVE IT! Congrats on another little girl! They say moms gut feeling is right 70% of the time and I was pretty positive we were having b/g and I was right! So who knows....It will be so neat for them to be close in age and grow up together as sisters :) Oh, and as far as exercise, not sure if you have access to an indoor pool but I LOVE swimming. Makes me feel great and my feet don't hurt :) And I get emails from and this article came up and I think I might start their bootcamp. I haven't read all about it yet but if you want to check it out here is the link

    Hope you have a good week!

    PS don't feel bad about names....I hope ours have names by the time they arrive! We are a little stuck at the moment! haha :)

  2. Congratulations Hannah - your picture above is beautiful. I think you are convincing yourself that you are gaining weight where you shouldn't, but it looks all baby and you look great. You are a great mom - congrats on your baby girl!

  3. Congratulations on the baby girl!!!!!! :)

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