Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My time in Texas has been so sweet!! And I still have 5 more days here! Being back at my parents house, the place I called home 4 short months ago has been different. In a totally good way! I wasn't sure what to expect as I was planning to come home, I didn't know what a visit back home would look like after I was married and back here without Jeremy. My family has treated me like I am on vacation and I have gotten to spend some good quality time with almost everyone already. I missed my little sibling so much. My youngest brother is 5 and of course adorable! He has grown up in the last 4 months so much. He can count to 100 now! =) The "little" boys as the we call them (the 5 youngest boys) are no longer little! They have matured and grown so much. The teenage boys have gotten so tall and there voices are lower! My sisters are all grown up and the littlest girl in out family is talking about how she is getting her permit this summer! I am so blessed!

I have parents who love the Lord and love us kids regardless of our choices. They led by example and love each other unconditionally. I have a "big" brother (well most of my brothers are bigger then me now!) who is now a Daddy himself! Watching him with his little baby Henry is so precious! I get teary just thinking about it. His wife loves him so much and fits into the Chapman family just as one of us! I know you are probably thinking it sounds all sad and like I have been away for years! But the truth us just being away for these 4 short months I have realized more then ever how blessed I am! New York is where God has Jeremy and I for this season and I LOVE the life God has and is building for us there. I don't wish I lived in TX or have and regrets I am just reminded when I am back at home of all blessings I so often took for granted on a daily basis when I lived here. 

I have a mother-in-law and father-in-law who bless us in so many ways! And 8 more siblings on that side that I have come to love and treasure! Grandparents on both sides who love the Lord and have passed down a Godly heritage to us. I have a husband whom I love more every day and has made this "little girls" dreams come true! Yes I am blessed!!


  1. What a lovely post, Hannah :-)

    Where in TX were you from?

  2. Aw, Hannah. You are too precious. And you are right...so blessed! I loved sitting in your living room on Sunday, watching your amazing family come and go. What a huge blessing your family is. And now you have it on both sides! WOW!