Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Texas, New Job and Green Smoothies

Hello from a wonderfully sunny Rochester NY! I am loving this sunshine and soaking up the warmer weather! I had a amazing trip to Texas a couple weeks back. It was so nice to see my family and close friends and get to just live life with my family for a couple weeks. Jeremy came down and joined us for a weekend and we had a great time with my entire family all together! I got to meet my new nephew, Henry! He is adorable and I hated to leave him behind and know I won't get to see him grow in the first years of his life. I will have to make Grandma send me lots of picture. We attended a wedding of a dear friend while in TX which was gorgeous and I was so grateful to have gone back for that.

I returned back to Rochester and the next day had an interview at Starbucks in Pitsford (the one in the villages by Main St. and Monroe Ave) which went really well and I found out a couple days after that I got the job! I am so excited to start working some and I think I will really like this job! I start training on Monday and will train for 2 weeks then be ont he floor working after that. I am going to work mornings mostly, they open at 5am so I will open 1-2 days a week which means getting to work at 4:45! =) I am not thrilled about that early but hey I got to bed a little early those nights and I am sure I will like it. The nice thing is those days I get off at 11 and I have already worked a 6 hour shift! I like that!

My curiousity has been up about the green smoothie craze I have been reading about out there on other blogs I like to keep up with. I consider myself a healthy eater and a fairly healthy person in general but I can always use some help! I take a greens in the morning and its a powder and I just shake it up with water so its kind of the same thing as the smoothie but I wanted to try it anyway. I did one this morning and it was great! I did not realize you could put that much spinich in a drink and it be green but not taste it at all!! I put frozed strawberries, frozen banana's, 1/2 a orange that I had peeled and frozen, a handful of fresh spinich and some vanilla flavored rice milk. I am really liking it! The rice milk gives it a nice creamy vanilla flavor and it tastes fruity! Its a fun way to change up what I normally do. I get tired of the same routines and am on a quest to make a dairy for not boring!


  1. Okay, that drink, interesting? :-) Email me more details on it!

    Congrats on the awesome job!!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures!

    And, I LOVE green smoothies, too. I frequently post various recipes on my blog if you're interested :)


  3. Thanks for the comment at my blog! My sisters told me about meeting you, and of course, I've heard about you from the Tallos, back when Jeremy was itching to get a move on! :)

    Glad to see you were able to visit your family recently. How wonderful. And I'm even more glad that you're feeling settled into life in NY. I'm sure Jeremy's the best there is, and is doing a good job helping in this huge transition.

    Be blessed as you embrace where He has you today -- and I'll be back to visit your blog, for sure!

  4. coolness... you are a blogger too? Glad you commented on TK's blog or else I would never have known!

    So how's starbucks treating you? I have never worked there, but am considering it part time for this next year...

    And... I may just have to try your fruit smoothie (especially since it's all fresh stuff) when I get home. (spinach is a little hard to come by here) :)

  5. Hi, Hannah. I'm so confused as to the location where you're working. Do you mean Pittsford? I'm thinking that's the only Main St. and Monroe intersection that I know of...